Training Officer Credential

ISFSI recognizes the need to establish an opportunity for today’s aspiring, emerging, developing, or practicing fire service instructor, training officer, fire officer and allied training personnel to qualify their professional status.

The ISFSI credential designation is designed to provide instructors a direct pathway to develop and advance as professional educators and will bridge the gap between fire service professional development, the professional credentialing of instructors, and the accreditation of emerging training curriculums and eLearning platforms and programs.

Successful candidates will have their education, training and experiences validated on a professional platform. The credential authenticates their contributions to the industry and provides employers a tangible recognition of the employee’s professional accomplishments.

Training Officer Credential candidates participate in approximately 16 hours of online professional portfolio design and interactive learning experience in addition to a two day instructor facilitated student driven classroom course.

Credential candidates should expect an intensive pre-course online work load.

Program Highlights:

  • Generational Differences
  • Training for Fireground Adaptability
  • Technology Driven Integration
  • Alternative Methods of Learning
  • Developing Tactical Decision Games

This course is eligible for 32 hours of continuing education credits through Columbia Southern University.

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Training Officer Credential

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