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Let Your Voice Be Heard

By: James Lannan

While teaching in the fire service a lot of phrases have resonated with me, some good, some bad, some very inspirational but two of the most common have been “I wish I would have known that sooner” and “There has to be a better way”. Not only have I heard these phrases come from students but more concerning from instructors. We as instructors have a responsibility to be the leading edge of our fire service. When we stood up and made the conscious decision to impart knowledge on others we committed ourselves to constant self-improvement so that we can lead our firefighters back home after every call through their training. Yet I find myself asking, “What have I done to contribute to the progression of my craft?”. Not just as a firefighter of a Chief but as an instructor, what have I done to improve our delivery in the fire service? What have I done to get my message out? The good news is that your reading my message, the bad news is that it requires your participation.

We as member of the ISFSI have a unique opportunity like no other. We have a group of mentors from every walk of life; career, volunteer, chiefs, firefighters, company officers, but most of all instructors that want to help you get your message out to the fire service world. At some point in your career you have developed an idea that can improve instructors somehow or another around the world. Maybe it’s as simple as new way to tie a knot, maybe you developed a better coaching model for practical’s, or it could be that you have some insight to the psyche of a specific demographic of our fire service. Whatever the case may-be we want to hear it - not just the ISFSI, but we as instructors want to hear it, read it, and see it.

This is where your golden opportunity comes in. I encourage you to submit your thoughts, ideas, training tips, and processes to the ISFSI Print Development Committee where a team of well rounded, seasoned firefighters and instructors want to help you get your message to the world. Already a good writer? Submit your thoughts to be peer reviewed and placed on the publication schedule. Not such a good writer? That’s ok too, submit your article to be peer reviewed and an eager team member will assist you in getting the content ready for publication. Not a writer at all, no problem - put together a two to five-minute video and submit it for peer review and publication. There is an infinite number of ways for you to get your message out, so why not?

We are instructors helping instructors have their voices heard. You may be the next great fire service writer, video producer, web blogger, or public speaker and we want to be a part of that. So, I guess this is where I ask you, what have you done to help progress your profession as an instructor? Are you ready to be heard?