Would You Want You, Instructing You?

Track: Instructor Development Conference

Session Number: Spark3
Date: Fri, Sep 29th, 2017
Time: 2:30 PM - 2:45 PM
Room: Conference Sessions


Would you want you instructing you is a talk focused on the instructor showing up in good physical condition themselves. We can't pick and choose where we instruct and lead by example if we are going to find maximum influence. We must be a reflection of the students we hope to send out into their communities to serve. We can't make deals through negotiations in the mind making it ok to show up in poor physical condition and expect full buy from our students. Our students first impression of us is visual and if our outside appearance doesn't match the message of preparation we lose a level of credibility. This talk gives us and the students we teach a perspective on fitness beyond the obvious, it speaks to our conscious. Its a look in the mirror that we must all take from time to time to stay in-line with the oath we swore.
Session Type: Spark Training Talk
Session Type: Spark Training Talk