2017 Instructor Development Conference

Exploring New Frontiers in Education & Training


September 26-30, 2017


Hilton Fort Collins | Colorado




The ISFSI Instructor Development Conference is the premier conference for today's fire service instructors focusing on professional instructor development.



"The ISFSI Instructor Development Conference was an excellent use of my time! In general I rate a conference a success if 60% of the content is of benefit to my career development. In this case I can say 100% of the programs delivered relevant material and I will go back to my department a stronger instructor with the knowledge I gained from this conference."

Seth Barker, Captain/Training Officer; Big Sky Fire Department

"It is obvious the overwhelming theme by all instructors was they were here to serve. Every instructor that presented made available all of his training materials, powerpoints and instructor notes for all students. It was their goal to provide us information to take back to our own department. Passion oozed from the pours of the instructors like lava seeping out of Mount Kilauea."

Gil Osmer, Captain; Gwinnett Fire Academy

Pre-Conference Programs

Training Officer Credential

Designed to provide instructors a direct pathway to develop and advance as professional educators. 

Safe Law Enforcement Operations on the Fireground

Addressing the roles and responsibilities of law enforcement officers responding and controlling the fire scene.

Principles of Modern Fire Attack - Hands on Training

Providing a firsthand look at the UL/NIST Modern Fire Behavior/Dynamics research and putting the science to the streets.


Social Events


Networking within the fire service is one of the most important and valuable benefits provided through membership in ISFSI. Enjoy an evening of fellowship, networking, and of course, food and drinks. Set up as a poker run, attendees will have the chance to indulge into three of Fort Collins bars.


Instructor Development Scavenger Hunt

An interactive scavenger hunt will keep attendees on their toes throughout the event, while building knowledge and skills. The whole conference experience is designed to accelerate the skills of instructors who are brand new and help strengthen the expertise of seasoned instructors.


Hospitality Suite

Attendees have a chance to network and relax with the conference sponsors and exhibitors. Hospitality suite will be located conveniently within the host hotel, Hilton Fort Collins.

Keynote Speakers

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