Want to Host a Live Fire Instructor – Fixed Facility Class?

Host Request Application

Program Host provides:

  • Live Fire Structure* & all logistics
  • Classroom facility with appropriate A/V Equipment
  • Assistants to man hose lines & support functions during evolutions
  • Necessary apparatus, equipment, & adequate water supply
  • On site EMS crew & ambulance during evolutions

Please contact jamie.lorello@isfsi.org with any additional questions.

1.2.1 The purpose of this standard shall be to provide a process for conducting live fire training evolutions to ensure that they are conducted in safe facilities and that the exposure to health and safety hazards for the firefighters receiving the training is minimized.

1.2.2 Live fire training is intended to provide the safest and best experience possible under both realistic and controlled circumstances.

Does my Training Structure Qualify for this program?

Standard Reference for qualified Training Structure.

3.3.24 Training Structure. Acquired Structures. A building or structure acquired by the authority having jurisdiction from a property owner for the purpose of conducting live fire training evolutions. Live Fire Training Structure. A structure specifically designed for conducting live fire training evolutions on a repetitive basis.

A. Live Fire Training Structure.

Live fire training structures include structure built of conventional building materials, such as concrete, masonry, and steel, as well as structures built of containers, in which live fire training evolutions are conducted. This includes fixed structures that are marketed as "mobile props" such as the following:

  1. Pre-engineered metal structures that can be disassembled and transported to a new site
  2. Containerized structures in which one or more containers are assembled, whether single story or multi-story, for purposes of interior live fire training evolutions.

Live fire training structures also include fire behavior labs (also known as "flashover" containers) and mobile live fire training props.

Live fire training structures do not include structures that are used for training in the use of SCBA where only smoke conditions are created, without a live fire, and the participants are not subjected to risk of the effects of fire other than the smoked produced.