2015 Fire Engineering/ISFSI George D. Post Instructor of the Year Award

International Society of Fire Service Instructors

Press Release

March 17, 2015


The International Society of Fire Service Instructors is pleased to announce the 2015 Fire Engineering/ISFSI George D Post Instructor of the Year Award recipient, Eddie Buchanan.  Chief Buchanan is a past president of the ISFSI and Division Chief in the Hanover Fire EMS Department outside of Richmond, VA.


Chief Buchanan has been a leading fire service instructor for over two decades, but his most recent contribution to the profession was the development of the SLICE-RS anacronym in response to the science behind years of modern fire behavior research.  Chief Buchanan worked with a team in his own department to implement this initial attack sequence of the first arriving officer. In respect he has shared sample SOG’s and operating guidelines to thousands based on its success.  His concept grew globally as he used his national recognition to catapult the strategy.  The ISFSI, in partnership with Chief Buchanan, has developed an extensive curriculum, and training aids, including videos, to promote the Principles of Modern Fire Attack: SLICE-RS initiative.


Chief Buchanan’s open-minded response and intuitive teaching strategies ensured that the research findings of modern fire behavior were developed into a widely accepted and adaptable program for departments around the nation.  Because of his willingness to share openly with the fire service community the training models are reaching thousands of fire service professionals with documented examples of where it has saved lives.


The ISFSI Board of Directors and membership congratulates Chief Buchanan on this well deserved award.  He will be formally recognized during the General Session at the 2015 Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis, IN.

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