April 2020 Message from ISFSI President, Devon Wells

Message to ISFSI Members,

I wanted to record a quick message to get out to all our instructors, to our fire training officers, firefighters and fire officers throughout the world to let you know that the ISFSI is here for you, that we think about you, that we care for you and hope that you and your family and friends are safe during this time of world wide pandemic. 

We understand that there is a lot of training classes being cancelled, including ISFSI sponsored classes, major conferences, local and regional conferences and lots of training being cancelled due to regulations in place to keep us safe, to stay at home and to keep our social distancing. I want to encourage you to think of ways to use technology to deliver your message. There are lots of opportunities for you to still train and to get your message to firefighters and other class members so that you will be able to still deliver messages, still to get training taking care of yet be safe and go by your local guidelines and policies. 

We are grateful for all you instructors and for all the firefighters in the world, and everybody who is working hard to eradicate the pandemic - all the doctors and scientists, the policy makers who are helping us get through this situation. We encourage you to stay strong, stay healthy and keep thinking of new ways you can train. If you need assistance by the ISFSI, please reach out to us either by email or by phone call; our staff is still working, they are very dedicated. They have moved to remote locations, but are still trying to answer emails and phone calls as best as possible. 

We are grateful for everything you do, we are grateful for your service, thankful for your great and innovate ways that you can do teaching and training's and hope that you will continue to do these things, continue to reach out to your firefighters so that we can get training accomplished. 

Thank you very much - stay safe, stay strong, and keep training.

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