ISFSI and LION have combined forces to create the professions best instructor spec set of turnout gear!

The ISFSI is proud to have the opportunity to partner with LION in the launch of a new set of turnout gear designed with the specific needs of an instructor in mind.  The gear focuses on protecting the instructor while allowing for optimal movement without restrictions. 

The ISFSI will be outfitting all of their live fire credential instructors in the new design.  The Society is confident that they are giving their instructors the highest quality gear while ensuring they are able to do their job efficiently.

“As part of our overall commitment to ISFSI to provide training equipment and personal protection gear, we are pleased to support the ISFSI with state of the art gear package for all of its instructors.  The design of the gear was accomplished in a collaborative process between the ISFSI and LION.  We recognize the importance of having ISFSI instructors in gear that will not only offer the best protection but will enhance their ability to teach in a safe environment” shared CEO of LION, Steve Schwartz. 

The Society has negotiated an opportunity for ISFSI members to purchase the gear for themselves and extend that purchase to members of their department.  “We want our members to have access to quality resources. LION has graciously made this resource available to all our members and we couldn’t be more proud to partner with them in this endeavor,” stated Steve Pegram, ISFSI President.


To learn more about the gear, click here.

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The document is more a sales form than a specification

November 26, 2017 10:14 PM by Helge Nordtveit, Fire Marshal

What is the design TPP and THL for the two types of gear that is discussed in the document?


Helge Nordtveit

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