Make Your Own Friends

An ISFSI member shared a memory of his first experience at an ISFSI Membership Social. His fire chief attended with him, escorted him to the front door, and kindly shoved him through stating, “Make Your Own Friends.” Those marching orders seemed tall at the time. He was surrounded by roughly 100 of the most respected minds in the profession. However, he took to the assignment and did what he was told. He MADE HIS OWN FRIENDS!

I found the story enlightening. There is so much we can accomplish when we surround ourselves with the right friends. The majority of you can reflect on a friendship, fostered through your membership with ISFSI, that has positively impacted your career and your personal life. Perhaps the most valuable member benefit of ISFSI is the friendships you will make along the way. That does come with a little effort on your part. That leads me to my request of each of you. Make a new friend at ISFSI in the month of June.

Below are the steps to friendship making here at ISFSI:

  • Send me an email and ask to get connected. I will happily join you with someone in your home state or across the world. The world is your oyster and I would love to help you make a new friend.
  • Post your information on the ISFSI Member Forum and ask to connect with an ISFSI member who is also in need of peer support. Exchange information and watch the magic happen.
  • Join an ISFSI Happy Hour event. Visit the ISFSI calendar of events and find a date that fits your schedule.
  • Use the ISFSI Member Directory to search for members in your area, home state or anyplace in the world for that matter.
  • Consider participation in the ISFSI Mentor program. We are formally connecting minds from all facets of the profession.
  • Reach out to organize a social event in your area. We can help! Let us know if this is something you want to do.
  • Meet an ISFSI Board Member. Send them an email, share your professional journey with them, your contact information and get connected.

ISFSI membership is so much more than a yearly dues subscription. It’s a roadmap to friendships and professional growth. Let us help guide you! I’m excited to hear your own stories of friendship as they unfold.

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