Modern Training Challenges Require New Marketing Skills

You have already mastered a number of skills and training capabilities, and the instruction you provide our firefighters has created a ripple effect of positive change in many lives. However, between the hectic pace of modern life, the rise of many different technologies, and an emphasis on new ideas, you can no longer rely on the techniques you used years ago to share your course with others. Fortunately, a basic understanding of a few simple marketing principles can help you address these challenges while leaving your lasting legacy. 

It should come as no surprise that time and attention are limited resources—even while you were reading this article, you probably received an email or a smartphone notification. Compare this high frequency of alerts to five or ten years ago, and it is clear that there are many different demands for our time, from many different channels. Not only does this affect your students, but it affects you as well–you simply do not have the capacity to keep up with all the different outlets and social media platforms and things to do. No one does. 

Another challenge that comes with today’s technological advances is an increase in competition and a faster spread of ideas. While this can be a good thing, it is also not without its perils. Rather than being wary of technology and the modern challenges of today, you can turn these advances into your advantage by bringing impactful training to more students and ensuring the next generation can benefit from the wisdom of your experience. 

First, be strategic in identifying who your target audience is and what they need and want. You will never be able to teach every possible course to every potential student, so focus on delivering quality training to the right group of students. Remaining focused on a certain market will also help you identify which outlets and channels to stick with, and which platforms are not worth your time. Once you have an idea of what types of promotion or delivery mechanisms are working, use technology to automate your process so you can spend more time teaching or preparing. 

Differentiation is another key to getting your training noticed in this information age. Discover what makes your training truly unique, and amplify that by building a consistent and focused image. Perhaps most importantly, be sure to protect your proprietary brand by understanding your Intellectual Property (IP) rights and the policies governing use of different platforms. 

By focusing on a certain set of students, automating basic processes, differentiating your brand, and protecting your IP, you can make modern technology work for you and deliver excellent training to more students.

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