New Year, New Attitude

What if we rethink resolutions this year? Instead of the vague and overwhelming goals that are often abandoned by this time in January, think in terms of little life enhancers, feeding your passion, or ways to take care of yourself that you have been putting off. This may look like spending more time outdoors exploring your community, rekindling friendships that have been abandoned, eating at home with the family versus dining out.

For me I have chosen a very different approach in 2022. I did commit to “Dry January.” I am on Day 26 of the 31-day commitment. Outside of the bullet I dodged to saddle up to the bar after the Auburn vs. Kentucky men’s basketball game (which I attended in person with Ellie), I have not missed the unnecessary distraction in my life. However, my long-term goal for 2022 is uniquely different. The past year or two has radically divided humans on so many levels. To help bridge those divides, I want to do a better job of listening and trying to understand different perspectives. I don’t ultimately have to agree, but I can be more open-minded. This is a relatively small change I can make in my life and one that will make me more appreciative of our world. It is a simple recipe for success. Transforming my outer world begins with cleaning up my thought pattern for open points of view. I can certainly make this resolution!

This time of year, it feels like there’s endless talk about turning your life around. If you want to make a change, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, feeling like you need to change in order to be worthy can be daunting and mentally draining. But, consider how a small life enhancing change can optimize your perspective.

Regardless of the decisions you made to guide your path in 2022, I hope you are curating the life you want, not the life you think it should be, based on what other have. Don’t let outside influences hinder your ability to develop a loving relationship with yourself. I encourage you to continue to let go of any distractions that may be holding you back from being your absolute best self.

As for me, I’ll work towards being quick to listen, slow to speak, and will walk in love. I know that nothing changes unless we do something different and I will be mindful and present each and every day.

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