ISFSI Member Loyalty Rewards Program

Since 1961, the ISFSI has risen to be the leading organization for supporting fire & EMS instructors in their efforts to reduce firefighter fatalities and injuries, increase firefighter safety, and improve the profession through education and training. Society members are the backbone of the organization and the efforts they contribute should not go unnoticed. There has been a long standing tradition in the fire service of paying-it-forward, and through the ISFSI Member Loyalty Rewards program, it is our pleasure to give back to the Society members.

Recruit Members

We believe instructors have the power to transform the lives and well-being of fire and EMS providers everywhere. ISFSI celebrates our members who are recruiting the next generation of fire service instructors.

Volunteer Hours

ISFSI wouldn't be the same without the volunteer support from members. The Society appreciates all the hours our members have submitted to make the organization what it is today, and what it will be in the future.

Years of Membership

Each year of Society membership translates into a more meaningful return on investment for the member and the value it adds to the overall quality of the organization. We want to honor our members for their continued years of loyalty. 

How are points earned?

Points gained from each category will be tallied quarterly (December, March, June, September). Rewards are given based on the current member loyalty level. The more involved you are with the ISFSI, the higher your loyalty level and the greater discount you receive.

Volunteer Hours are calculated in various ways - submitting or reviewing content, participating on an ISFSI committee, representing ISFSI at local, regional or national events and/or meetings, and improving the community of instructors through mentorship. At the end of each quarter members who are interested in loyalty rewards should complete the online form submit their volunteer activities. 


Years of membership is calculated automatically through the original join date of the member. A lapse in membership will reset the count, so be sure to renew your membership on time.

When recruiting a new member, be sure the new (recruited) member enters YOUR name in the 'Recruited By' field on their membership profile.The more members you recruit, the more points you receive.

Loyalty Level Discount Amount
Level 1 $5.00 off
Level 2 $10.00 off
Level 3 $15.00 off
Level 4 $20.00 off
Level 5 $25.00 off

Discount amount is applied to a voucher that can be used on ANY purchase from ISFSI, including apparel items, event registration, and membership. Vouchers expire after 3 months.