Attitude, Accountability, Action: The Instructor's Role in Promoting Fitness

Track: Instructor Development Conference

Session Number: ES7
Date: Sat, Sep 30th, 2017
Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Room: Conference Sessions


“Instructors can easily combine hands-on training with functional fitness concepts to improve their firefighters’ skills, competency, confidence, and health.”

Fire instructors don’t need to be fitness gurus to incorporate functional fitness into their hands-on training, but they do need the right mindset about the importance of firefighter fitness and health. With a mixture of firefighting tools, equipment, and PPE, the drill ground will soon become every firefighter’s functional fitness gym. Blending hands-on drills with functional fitness concepts will not only improve work capacity, equipment familiarization, muscle memory, and confidence in the job, it will also instill that being fit for duty is a requirement of the job.
Session Type: Educational Session
Session Type: Educational Session