Being An Effective "Salesperson" As An Instructor

Track: Instructor Development Conference

Session Number: 33
Date: Fri, Sep 28th, 2018
Time: 2:30 PM - 2:45 PM


Being an effective “Salesperson” as an Instructor

Today’s Fire Instructor is faced with many challenges when it comes to teaching a fire service related subject. Knowing how to communicate through those challenges is a must. You have to be “IN THE KNOW” to get your message across and sell you product.

You have to know the material (Product) as well as the Student (Buyer) to be an effective Instructor (Salesperson). Being an effective salesperson involves a long-term commitment to the buyer (Student and the fire service as a whole). All programs that we present need customer service after the product is taught (Sold). Customer Service Involves continual updates to stay current with all the studies that are being done in the fire service every year. This brings us repeat customers and creates buy-in on the product we deliver as an instructor.

Be In the KNOW!

Know your Subject
Know you Audience and how they learn.
Know how the brain processes the words you speak
Know how to Listen (to Everybody)
Know how to give feedback
Know how to receive feedback
Know how to network and “JUST DO IT!”

This short Spark Talk with give you a few ideas for the toolbox to help guide you through these challenges. Topics covered in brief:

See some (or Many), do some, teach some
Generational Learning Highlights
The Brain and keeping it occupied.
Listening and Verbal Judo to show you are listening
Giving Effective Feedback
Accepting and learning from feedback.
The Gold Nugget of all Instructors “Networking”
Great Instructors are also Great Salesman.

This short “Spark Talk will just help identify some of the current Challenges and how we can work through them using the simple process of effective talking and effective Listening. Selling a great product (program) will do nothing but make our fire grounds safer and more effective. In order to do that it involves an investment to learn some of the strategies listed above and apply those when teaching any class or program.
Session Type: Spark Training Talk

Session Type: Spark Training Talk