2019 Instructor Development Conference

Pride in the Profession: A Movement Towards Instructional Excellence

Covington, Georgia

Pre-Conference Programs

Instructor Leadership Academy

September 23-24, 2019

This two-day advanced level fire service professional instructor development class will provide students with powerful tools and knowledge to improve performance practices within training. The program addresses key factors impacting the training community including:

  • Emerging Technologies in Education
  • Training Division Strategic Vision
  • Evaluation of Instructor Performance
  • Training Budget Success
  • Legal and Policy in the Training Division
  • Growth Mindset Performance

Course Length: 16-hours in classroom

Understanding & Fighting Basement Fires Classroom

September 24, 2019

This course was developed to teach firefighters and officers about the research results that were obtained from the 2016-2017 Basement Fire Tactics Research Panel in partnership with ISFSI, UL, and the Delaware County, PA Fire Academy. The Basement Fire Tactics Research Panel looked at numerous types of tactics and basement fires for the most effective and efficient attack methods.

Learning objectives of this course include: 

  • Understand the history of modern fire attack and tactics.
  • Understand current knowledge vs. beliefs of the most recent UL/NIST findings from the basement fire tactics research panel.
  • Understand basement fire LODDs and why this research is important.

Program Highlights include:

  • Examining how your departments basement tactics were developed and the last time they were updated.
  • Exploring alternative extinguishment methods.

Course Length: 8-hours in classroom

Understanding & Fighting Basement Fires - Hands on Training

September 25, 2019

"Bringing the science to the streets" by placing attendees in the action at specifically designed skill stations. Small-scale props will be used in combination with full-scale flow-path simulation stations that will position participants inside the learning environment to develop and enhance knowledge of modern fire development, flow path management, proper TIC usage, and basement fire attack. Participants will not only receive all learning materials, but a foundation to deliver the knowledge within their own organizations.

Course Length: 8-hours hands-on *Gear Required*

Special Events

Attendee "Poker Run" Networking Social

September 26, 2019

Networking within the fire service is one of the most important and valuable benefits provided through membership in ISFSI. Enjoy an evening of fellowship, networking, and of course, food and drinks. A small cover charge is required for this event.

Friday Night "Survivor" Attendee Reception

September 27, 2019

Attendees who 'survive' until the conclusion of the conference are invited to this special post-conference reception to share lessons-learned, insights and fellowship. Free event, however pre-registration is required.

Educational Sessions


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