2019 Board of Directors Nomination

The ISFSI Board of Directors is a very hands-on, active group of servant leaders. Those seeking to run should consider their availability and willingness to be active and engaged. This is a time stringent commitment.
The International Society of Fire Service Instructors Nominations and Elections Committee is seeking candidates interested in serving on the ISFSI Board of Directors beginning April 2019. The following positions will become vacant beginning April 2019.

  • Director at Large 
  • Eastern Region Director
  • International Director
  • Western Region Director

The Nominations and Elections Committee has identified the following needs for the board. Candidates should consider their areas of strength when requesting consideration for the ballot.

  • Building of independent relationships
  • Content development
  • Fund development
  • Programs and services
  • Resource rich
  • Strategic planning
  • Volunteer engagement

The following should be considered by candidates prior to submission of intent to run for office:

  • Board term is two years
  • Ability to attend six yearly board meetings (at least four via conference call and approx. two including travel)
  • Fiscal responsibility regarding potential travel
  • Provide hands-on-experience with an active board of directors
  • Ability to serve as chair of a committee with reporting to executive staff and executive board leadership
  • The willingness to pursue ISFSI credential designations as represented by the ISFSI

Submit your nomination, with the following information no later than Monday, November 12, 2018 for consideration on the ballot. You can submit your nomination here.

  • Letter of interest to run for office; to include specific references to your strengths that would be beneficial to your service as a board member
  • Resume
  • Shortened bio for online elections (500 words or less)
  • Professional Picture (jpeg image required)
  • 3 Professional References

Questions? Please contact Jamie Lacy (Jamie.Lorello@isfsi.org) or by phone 800-435-0005.


Submit your nomination here.

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