Mentoring & Coaching Initiative

The mission of the International Society of Fire Service Instructor's (ISFSI) Mentoring and Coaching Initiative is to create a superior professional networking framework to connect ISFSI members for project-based and/or position-based feedback, guidance and professional growth. The Initiative is designed to eliminate traditional boundaries, barrier and limitations to formal mentoring programs. Specifically, the Initiative will leverage technology in an innovative and dynamic fashion to link fire service educators around the globe.


Mentoring is a supportive relationship focused on learning and development over time, intended to support individuals to fulfil their potential. Mentoring is geared toward the development of soft skills, which involve the personal qualities that allow one to flourish personally and professionally. This process focuses on our emotional intelligence, aka EQ, in addition to our IQ.


Coaching supports a learner in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance. Coaching is often focused on the development of hard skills, which include the requisite knowledge and abilities for job-related tasks.