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Live Fire Instructor Credential - Fixed Facility

This intensive three-day program explores the most recent NFPA 1403 standard and applies the principles of the standard to the student’s ability to instruct live fire training in a safe environment. The course is delivered in a true blended learning approach using the online-learning system to prepare the candidate for the three day instructor led course.

Students must first complete an extensive online learning platform with several activities and pre-test. NFPA 1403 content will be discussed and demonstrated in hands-on live fire training evolutions at the host facility where skill checklists validate candidate performance. Candidates must meet all prerequisites as specified in NFPA 1403 Chapter 4 Section 4.3 to participate as students in this program.

Program Highlights

  • Instructor responsibilities in operations of permanent gas fire and Class A combustible fueled live fire training structures
  • Creating and implementation of a sample pre-burn plan
  • Emergency planning and operations
  • Instructor and student pre-fire walk-through
  • Review and analyze relevant case studies
  • Working with students in fire conditions
  • Situational awareness during fire conditions
  • Fuel characteristics and safe loading
  • Participant PPE inspections
  • Review of current industry research involving live fire conditions
  • Application of duties to ignition officer, safety officer and instructor-in-charge

Course Schedule

Day 1:  Lecture and Student Activities

Day 2:  Lecture, Practical Application, and Evolutions (To include Live Fire)

Day 3:  Lecture, Practical Application, and Written Examination

Program Overview

Online Course Work

  • Approximately 16 hours of activities and examination
  • EVALS platform (log in information provided at time of registration)

Classroom and Practical

  • Tour & operations in permanent gas fired and/or non-gas fired structural fire training props
  • Safety Planning
  • Emergency planning & operations (emergency egress, RIT, students/instructor rescue, emergency suppression)
  • Instructor & student pre-fire walk-through (purpose, content, instructor’s role)
  • Working with students in fire conditions (includes physical positioning, maneuvering in low visibility, observation of students for difficulties and/or unsafe behavior; teaching in the environment)
  • Situational awareness during fire operations (changes in fire dynamics and conditions, student behavior, operational issues such as complacency, compliance to safety plan)
  • Fuel characteristics & safe loading
  • Participant PPE inspections
  • Using the Training Plan (focuses on implementation not preparation of a plan & understanding and meeting training objectives)
  • Task Books: Sign off on skills completed during class

Recredential Information

The ISFSI Live Fire Instructor Credential is valid for three years from the date of issue. Credential holders are contacted based on their credential cycle. An email will be sent a month prior to the expiration date with details on how to register for the online recredential class. To check your credential expiration date, refer to your certificate in Elevate. We encourage credential holders to keep their ISFSI membership as the cost to recredential is $50 for members and $325 for non-members. 

This course is required for any ISFSI 1403 Live Fire Fixed Facility credentialed student seeking recertification.  The student will need access to the current NFPA 1403 standard. The student will have 30-days from the time they are entered into the course platform to complete the required course components.  

The recertification platform includes the following components:

  • Resources that will be helpful while completing the recertification process as well as reference materials for training departments.
  • Fifty question final exam (primary reference is the current 1403 Standard);
  • Completion of an experience record highlighting participation in at least three different live fire training events over the course of the active credential (to include Instructor-in-Charge, Instructor, Safety Officer, and Ignition Officer);
  • Upload completed burn plan.

Questions regarding the completion of the course content should be directed to the Program Manager, Suzanne Campbell, at

Student Prerequisites for Live Fire Instructor Credential Program

  • Must be an AHJ credentialed Firefighter II & AHJ credentialed Instructor
  • Must have a minimum of one year as an instructor
  • Successful completion of online pre-course examination
  • Must have a signed letter, by Fire Chief of represented department, verifying these aforementioned prerequisites

Reading Material

(not provided with registration)

NFPA 1403 Standard on Live Fire Training, 2018 Version (required)

Live Fire Training: Principles & Practice to NFPA 1403, Second Edition (recommended)

Host Request Application

Interested in hosting a Live Fire Instructor Credential – Fixed Facility Class?

Download Form:  ISFSI_LFFF_Host_Application.pdf

Email completed application with required documents to 

If you need assitance with the form contact Suzanne Campbell.

Live Fire Instructor Credential - Fixed Facility