Our Team

Leigh Hubbard

Executive Director

Leigh Hubbard is the President/CEO of TradeUp, an association consulting and management firm in Virginia.  Leigh uses her leadership skills to facilitate strategic planning, management of board functions, operating procedures, administration, educational programming, development of policies and procedures, fundraising, public relations and financial analysis and budgeting.  

Leigh basis her success in organizational leadership on being a big-picture, goal-oriented strategist.  She is passionate about understanding organizational challenges and customizing her responses to member relations and board development. She brings a business planning perspective to association product and program development.

Her personal mission is to advance the art of developing strong teams established on accountability, dedication, professionalism, teamwork and adaptability.  To exhibit leadership skills that are resourceful, focused and consistent; that build lasting, trustworthy relationships with employees, stakeholders and community leaders.  Leigh maintains a healthy sense of humor and positive disposition while ensuring a visionary perspective for the organization, and always leads with integrity and an ethical fiber that is honest and forthright.  

Currently Leigh serves as the Executive Director of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors in Centreville, VA.  Her executive leadership of the Society has included remarkable strides in membership recruitment and retention and the successful launch of multiple international programs including the Live Fire Instructor credential, the development and oversight of the Principles of Modern Fire Attack initiative, and the Training Officer Credential Designation.

Suzanne Campbell

Director of Education & Training

Suzanne Campbell has served as the Director of Education and Training for ISFSI since 2018.

She is a former Marketing Education teacher and Virginia State Association Specialist for DECA, the association for marketing students.  She continues to  teach part-time as a Job Specialist with the Jobs for Virginia Graduates Program.

As a lifelong learner, Suzanne believes continuing education is imperative for every industry to stay up to date with industry regulations and trends and to advance their skill set.

Suzanne is fully committed to working with our ISFSI instructors to coordinate education programs that will help fire service personnel enhance their skills to understand and fight fires in order to reduce injuries, death, and property loss.

Emily Stephens

Director of Membership

Director of Membership
International Society of Fire Service Instructors
Centreville, VA

800-435-0005 ext. 55