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At ISFSI we believe that instructors have the power to transform the lives and well-being of fire and EMS providers everywhere, and now instructors can connect with providers anywhere at any time with the ISFSI Member Community.

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  Networking On-The-Go

You can take our new member community with you anywhere you go. Networking, education and professional development don’t just happen between 9 and 5, and now it doesn’t have to.

  Personalized Experience

Along with member-specific access, you can customize your profile and use “your favorites” to personalize your online community experience. That way you only see the information and content that you care about.

  Education and Training

Fire and EMS providers can now network with professional instructors to provide and receive exclusive educational and training materials.

  Easier Access to Everything ISFSI

You’ll enjoy an easier way to find information, download resources, and manage your professional profile.


You can search for other instructors or fire or EMS providers through the ISFSI Member Community. Easily build your network by sharing content on your profile, as well as find peers in the online directory.

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Using the ISFSI Member Community’s discussion forums and email lists, you can ask and have questions answered at any time - from your browser, email inbox, and mobile devices.

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File + Video Libraries

Through the members-only file and media libraries you can view documents and watch videos to continue your professional development. You can also upload and share your own videos and files to help other members’ education.

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  Networking & Mentorship

Networking within the fire service is one of the most important and valuable benefits provided through membership in ISFSI. It is assurance that with the advent of new ideas or training techniques you won’t have to “go it alone!” ISFSI’s senior members are supportive, encouraging and readily available to work with you. Through a variety of Society communications, they stand ready to share their experience and expertise with you.

  Professional Development

To be effective and relevant in today’s industry, fire service instructors must continuously build new knowledge and skills. Our programs are designed to accelerate the skills of instructors who are brand new and help strengthen the expertise of seasoned instructors.

  Regional to International Exposure

ISFSI members have the opportunity to be recognized on the state, national and international level by being involved in the inner workings of the society. Committees are a vital way to have a voice in the substantive work of the organization and to respond to the needs of the fire service.


ISFSI programs provide a platform to engage instructors through a direct pathway to develop and advance as professional educators while bridging the gap between fire service professional development, the professional credentialing of instructors, and the accreditation of emerging training curriculums and e-learning platforms and programs.

  Industry Advocacy

ISFSI engages at the federal, regional and state levels to implement constructive policies that create long term, stable progress for the fire service. The ISFSI works in conjunction with industry organizations representing the best interest of today’s fire instructor on a legislative and research level.

  Peer Resource Sharing

ISFSI members are critical to the development of ongoing content for the ISFSI member community. Shared knowledge is key to exceptional industry standards.

  Use of ISFSI Logo

Using the ISFSI logo on business cards, website, and stationary is a great way to put your Society membership to work for you. It’s an effective marketing tool that quickly spotlights your professional affiliation and enhances your professional image. View/Download logo usage guidelines.

  Member Discounts

As a member of the ISFSI you will enjoy the following discounts: