Continuing Education

NFPA 1700

The ISFSI NFPA 1700 class is a dynamic training opportunity designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and resources needed to implement NFPA 1700 within their own departments. This two-day course, funded by the FEMA AFG Program, is a partnership between the ISFSI and the Underwriters Laboratories Fire Safety Research Institute (UL FSRI). Course participants will complete an online training program developed by UL focused on evidence-based structural firefighting prior to attending the two-day workshop.

Over the course of two days, participants will receive lessons on critical topics such as building construction and fire specific tactical considerations to provide the foundation for the practical portion of the program.  Our hands-on-training program blends the power of demonstration with several practical skills evolutions to build the skills necessary for success on the modern fire ground. These skill stations include fire control, search and rescue, ventilation, incident command, and firefighter safety. The course concludes with a real-time scenario that reinforces all of the lessons covered over two days.

Learning Objectives

  • Fundamentals of Fire Science
  • Building Construction & Structural Considerations
  • Strategic Considerations
  • Fire Specific Tactical Considerations
  • Implementation of NFPA 1700
  • PPE Considerations
  • Implementing Fire Scene Decon Procedures

Program Delivery Options

Funded By:
Assistance to Firefighter Grants

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Implementing NFPA 1700