Continuing Education

Principles of Modern Fire Attack: 8-hour Course

This class will provide a firsthand look at the UL/NIST Modern Fire Behavior/Dynamics studies and serve to educate students how they can be delivered and instituted in their fire departments.

It is our hope that by compiling the best lessons learned from the fire dynamics research, fire departments will be able to adjust their policies, tactics and training to create a safer environment for the fire service as well as the people we serve in our communities.

This information has been known to be controversial to some, so be prepared for great discussions. You don’t have to look far for good discussion regarding fire command, control, accountability and especially fire behavior. The shared science, research and best practices are another tool for your toolbox! Go home to your department with a renewed outlook and with a healthy knowledge of the Principles of Modern Fire Attack.

Learning Objectives

  • Application of the fire triangle vs. fire tetrahedron and reviewing the types of energy transfer
  • SCBA and PPE specifications as they relate to energy transfer
  • Define and understand key terms related to fire tactics
  • Understand the difference between modern furnishing and construction and legacy fuel loads.
  • Explain and understand the components of the SLICE-RS mnemonic

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The Principles of Modern Fire Attack Course is by far the best fire dynamics (or behavior) class for firefighters that I have ever attended. The impact of the research you are actively sharing with the fire service is going to save lives, both ours’ and victims’. The research is no good without people like ISFSI who can spread the word to the fire service.

–Lieutenant Andrew Ellison, Professional Fire Protection Engineer, Hamilton (MA) Fire Department

Principles of Modern Fire Attack