ISFSI 2019-2023 Strategic Plan Announced

I am pleased to present to you the International Society of Fire Service Instructors Strategic Plan for 2019-2023. This document outlines the strategic visions and goals the Board of Directors have identified to help the Society reach its full potential and better fulfill its mission of “Inspiring, supporting and elevating instructors around the world.”

The process of formulating a new Strategic Plan for the ISFSI has provided opportunities to look at past successes and failures, to determine our vision for the future fire service in the light of challenges ahead, and to put forward approaches for professional instructor development. These deliberate guidelines will not only enhance the ISFSI’s ability to affect needed change, but will provide the framework to drive intellectual, meaningful, and essential industry discussions.

The strategic themes attest to our commitment to achieve excellence through our Guiding Principles of “Integrity, Professionalism, Innovation, Passion and Inclusion.” They also demonstrate our duty to engage stakeholders within the profession. For these strategic aims to be successful, we need the dedication of fire instructors around the world to develop a deep relationship with the ISFSI and become involved, motivated, and enthusiastic about sustaining professional instructional excellence.

This Strategic Plan represents the concerted efforts of the ISFSI membership, whose valuable input was used as a basis of the Board of Director’s discussion and has been incorporated into this document. I sincerely appreciate all the members that contributed their time, talents, and energy during the process of consultation and drafting of the Strategic Plan.

I am optimistic that through collaboration between the dedicated ISFSI staff, leadership, membership, and other industry advocates, the goals we aspire to accomplish will translate into milestones everyone will appreciate. By investing energy in the ISFSI, we will build a better future for the Society, individual fire instructors, and the fire service profession.

Please use this document as a reference to create your distinct goals as an individual fire service instructor and as a member of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors. As we follow this plan, we will become more unified, enhance firefighter knowledge and safety, and lead change where needed.

Devon J. Wells


International Society of Fire Service Instructors

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