ISFSI Celebrates 60th Birthday!

I waited in anticipation as the clock struck midnight indicating that 2021 was FINALLY here! Based on all the social media accounts this was the moment that the world would regain some semblance of “normalcy.” After this long and difficult 2020, a new year is finally visible on the horizon. We are leaving behind a year that gave us a pandemic and forced us to change our “normal” lives. Perhaps I am a bit disappointed that the first two weeks of 2021 look similar to that last few weeks of 2020, but in front of us is opportunity. There is magic in 2021. The book of 2021 has blank pages for us to author. I, for one, am thrilled to sit down and put my pen to those pages.

When ISFSI opened its doors in 1961 it was abundantly clear that the Society was built on a strong foundation fortified by the dedication and support of the instructor community. Today, the cornerstones of that foundation, our members, continue to guide us and give us purpose. We are blessed to celebrate the last 60 years of ISFSI with our membership and the entire fire service community.

This year’s theme, “VISION 2021: Transforming Instructor Professional Development Towards a Resilient Future” drives ISFSI’s commitment to our members to inspire, support and elevate your personal career aspirations and the profession. For those of you who have stood by ISFSI for the last 60 years and those who are just now joining our family, you are the birthday gift of a lifetime.

Help us celebrate ISFSI’s birthday by writing your own chapter in our history book.

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