The Instructor Professional Development Educational Track

Much has changed in fire fighting techniques, fire fighter basic skills and training. As the ISFSI looks to the future, it was determined that improvements in training were needed to address the challenges facing instructors. To this end, ISFSI has embarked on an endeavor through the creation of several committees of fire service instructors to address these needs. The Regional Instructor Track Committee is looking at this need by identifying educational and professional opportunities, with other committees developing mentoring programs, and webinars. The Regional Instructor Track will focus on helping instructors achieve previously unimaginable levels of performance by identifying a community of intelligent, creative and interesting conferences at which to showcase their skills and knowledge.

It is the desire of the Committee to create a professional track that supports the competency of the instructor, cultivates professional mastery and advances individual potential. To do this we need all of you, our members, to help us identify opportunities and conferences at which to share your knowledge, education and experience to enhance fire service instruction and curriculum delivery. The afforded opportunity is an excellent way to challenge yourself as an instructor by presenting at conferences or other professional opportunities, network with industry professionals by volunteering for conference oversight boards and grow the fire service as a result. The goal of this Regional Instructor Track is to highlight industry best practices in presentations and instruction, by providing opportunities for fire service instructors to showcase solutions to common industry issues and provide direction to the fire service.

The submission guidelines and a list of requirements for these professional opportunities will be on our website ( or contact any member of the committee ( for information.

When the International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) was formed back in the 1960s its mission was established to be the premier instructor organization internationally providing resources to improve fire service training. The focus of the early effort was to improve fire fighter safety through enhanced training, and to improve efficiency and effectiveness on the fire ground. Utilizing professionalism as the basis focusing on innovation, integrity, passion and inclusion as the guiding principles for instructor enhancement. Now to further these goals, as the organization grows, we need you to step up and accept the challenges that this committee will provide.

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