What Is Standing In Your Way?

I recently had the opportunity to listen to a presentation on fixing whatever may be standing in the way of your personal progress. This presentation made me dive deep into my personal and professional life and what I needed to accomplish to get those roadblocks out of the way. I started considering what was truly important in life, what barriers are keeping me from fully enjoying those important items, and what the game plan looked like to get past them. I soon realized that I was creating most of the barriers myself, out of “fear” or “concern” for negative outcomes that may arise. Isn’t the brain a wonderful thing? (Remember, it’s the only organ that named itself!!) 

Once I was able to get some inner clarity on where I wanted to be and how to get there, the path became a little clearer. I now take time to do spiritual, mental, and physical preparation every day, before anything else (including breakfast and social media!). I have seen great results in the short time that I have been practicing this concept. I wish I would have only heard this presentation years ago, so I would not have put myself, and my wife, through so much unneeded job stress! 

Take a moment, now that you have read this, and take a little dive inside yourself. Take a look around and see if there are improvements that can be made. Identify them and start working on improving what ever you find. You won’t regret it. Look into ways to get clarity in your mind, creating headspace per se, and focusing on important items that you have been knowingly, or unknowingly, avoiding. If there is an obstacle, get it out of the way. The time is now! Do not procrastinate any longer. It only gets harder from here. Make your life a little easier and find joy in all you do! 

Keep training, keep learning!

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