Incoming President's Message From Brian Zaitz

By Brian Zaitz posted 04-25-2024 11:27


It is hard to believe we just wrapped up FDIC 2024!  It was great to see so many ISFSI members throughout the week; our members were showcased as instructors for various lectures and hands-on trainings, we provided instructional deliveries at the newly developed “Drill Yard” in Lucas Oil Stadium, a contingency of our 1403 instructional group met to redesign portions of the ISFSI NFPA 1403 Live Fire Course, coupled with great networking that was had by all that attended the ISFSI annual membership social and annual membership meeting. I have to say FDIC 2024 was a huge success!!

As we look forward, I could not be more excited for the future of the ISFSI. As your new president I am making it my mission to put “ISFSI First” and make it the household name in the fire service. ISFSI truly is “where the instructors are.” 

Our new strategic plan is in full motion, providing a clear roadmap for success as we traverse the landscape of the future. The plan, like our organization, is member centric; identifying benchmarks for our membership and organization to grow. Additional opportunities for the organization and our members will be available in order to utilize our talented membership pool, while also focusing on recruitment efforts. 

As president, I am focusing efforts on three key aspects: relationships, relevancy and recruitment. We all know it takes people to get things done, more importantly it takes relationships amongst those people, built on trust, and respect to get things done. Over the next two years, we will strive to strengthen our current partnerships as well as foster new relationships to further build the ISFSI. 

We all know that if you are not adapting you are standing still. Our goal is to ensure we are staying relevant; this is evident by our actions at FDIC where we had our 1403 group review and incorporate new training components to improve the efficiency and relevancy of the credential. 

Recruitment, I feel like we have been talking about this since I joined ISFSI. Recruitment only works if it is a team effort. We all know someone that would benefit from ISFSI membership. I am personally asking each member to find one additional person to join ISFSI in 2024. 

We only get out what we put in, and as such, I encourage each member to submit an article for the newsletter. Creative and pertinent industry content is what entices our readership. Your contributions matter and we need your assistance.

I also encourage you to join a committee or workgroup. These committees are the motor of the ISFSI. Contribute in the ISFSI social community where our members are searching for assistance on issues and concerns related to their organization. 

Finally, I want to hear from you, I want to hear areas we can improve but I also want to hear about our victories and what we are doing right. The best is yet to come for the International Society of Fire Service Instructors, the time is now, together there is nothing we cannot achieve!