Executive Board of Directors

Stephen N Pegram

Goshen Township Fire & EMS Department

Devon Wells


Brian Patrick Kazmierzak, CFO, EFO

Battalion Chief/Training Chief
Penn Fire Department

Seth Barker

Battalion Chief / Training Officer
Big Sky Fire Department

Peter Van Dorpe

Fire Chief
Algonquin-Lake in the Hills Fire Protection District

Board Members

Dave Belcher, OFE

Lieutenant, Fire Prevention Office
Violet Township Fire Department

Tony Carroll

Battalion Fire Chief/ ISFSI Eastern Region Director
District of Columbia Fire Department

Vincent W Conrad

Training Officer/Captain
Halifax Regional Fire

Brad French

Dayton Fire Department

Matt Hoppel

Assistant Fire Chief
Billings Fire Department

James L Silvernail

Fire Chief
Kirkwood Fire Department

Brian Zaitz, MS, EFO, CTO

Metro West Fire Protection District

Advisory Board

Justin Ryan Arnold

Captain - Fire Marshal
Portsmouth Fire Department, VA

Jason Alan Caughey

Fire Chief

John K. Murphy, J.D.

Deputy Fire Chief (Ret)
Eastside Fire & Rescue