Update Your Profile

From the community homepage, click on the red box with your name just beside where your profile picture is located to update any aspect of your profile.
To edit your profile, on the left hand side of your screen, click on the top icon. Every profile field is available to be edited from this screen.
To be included on the Instructors Bureau list, make sure you fill out the following fields: Speaker, Languages Spoken, Years of Speaking/Instructing, Area of Instruction, and Area of Instruction Other. Your contact information fields will be included on the list, however to be included on the list, you must have the speaker field checked.

From the Edit Profile page you can...

Update your profile picture, view the community pages you belong to, edit or view any items you have placed on your calendar, including events you have registered for, view or connect with other ISFSI members and see any blogs, forums, or other items you have marked as "favorites". From your profile, you can also view and renew your membership, access any transactions that have occurred, change your site wide preferences, see a detailed list of your activity on the site and access any emails that have been sent to you from the site.

Register for Events

From the events calendar page, you can view and register for an offering of any program.
The calendar at the bottom of the page can be viewed from multiple options. To change the view of the calendar, simply click on the "View As" drop down to change. If you aren't a fan of how the new view is, simply click on the "Calendar Options" link to change it again. 

Once you click on the event you are interested in, scroll to the bottom of the description and click on the "Registration Link" provided. If you have already started a registration for that event, you can view and or edit the registration. You can also subscribe to any updates that may be associated with the event.

Post a forum thread

Depending on what 'communities' you belong to will determine which forums you have access to. All users have access to the site wide forum, which the latest activity can be accessed from the home page - found just under the Events Calendar.

To access the full forum. On the menu bar click on "Forums". This will bring you to a page with all the groups that you have access to. The site wide forum is nestled under the "ISFSI Public" group. Currently, there is only one topic in this group. Once you are on the forum page, on the left side of the screen are nine boxes. To post a thread to the board, you will click the top button (which has a + button).

From there you will enter your subject (limited to 100 characters), message and attach any documents that are needed. And that's it!

Browse the other buttons to learn how you can stay engaged with the forum. You can subscribe to specific threads or add threads as your favorites.

Another tip.The threads, forums or blogs you subscribe to, or mark as your favorite will show up on your profile. Once you are back on the homepage, if you click on the box titled "My Subscriptions" any items you have subscribed to will show up here.

When you are viewing your profile, on the right side of the screen are a list of different options. You can access your favorites or your subscriptions here as well.

Access the forum here. (sign in required to access)

Update My Social Media Links?

From the home page, click the "Update My Profile" button to access your profile. On the left side of the screen (if you are on a tablet or phone, the edit boxes will be above your profile) click on the middle box with the chain link. Here you can updated your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Wordpress, Google+, Pinterest, and Instragram account URL.

Once the links are added and you have refreshed the page, the social media icons with the links will be added to your profile.

Now when users search for you, if you have added any social media links, they will be able to view those as well. 
Edit what others see when they view your profile. 
From your profile, on the right side of the screen, under the Options menu select "My Page". This will show you what others will see when they view your profile. 
You can change the layout, what is visible to other users, your profile picture, your social media links, badges (once available) and your network (if you have any followers or connections).
You can also edit what features, or "Widgets" show below your profile and even where they are placed on your profile. There are 29 different widgets that can be added to your profile, including social media feeds, articles or forums that you have posted or commented on, and even a custom countdown clock.