Instructor Professional Development Educational Track

The International Society of Fire Service Instructors is proud to announce the launch of the Instructor Professional Development Educational Track. This is an opportunity for ISFSI members to share their knowledge, education and experience at the national and international level to enhance fire service instruction and curriculum delivery. The afforded opportunity is an excellent way to challenge yourself as an instructor, network with industry professionals and grow the fire service as a whole. The goal of this educational track is to highlight industry best practices, provide direction for current and future fire service instructors, showcase solutions to common industry issues and provide direction so as to move the fire service forward. Programs selected will be featured as part of the Instructor Professional Development Educational Track and marketed regionally, nationally and internationally. This is an excellent opportunity for ISFSI members to join the cadre of instructors and be a part of this project hosted by the ISFSI.

The Instructor Professional Development Educational Track provides educational programs for instructor development based on the following areas:

  • Technology
  • Leadership
  • Professional Development
  • Training Innovations and Evaluations
  • Training Safety
  • NFPA and Certifications
  • Modern Student
  • Firefighter Safety and Health
  • Adult Learning Methodology

If you think you have what it takes to inspire the fire service, submit your proposal before February 28, 2020. 

Submission Guidelines

When suggesting a topic, please make sure:

  • Your content is interesting and relevant. Educational programs are meant to challenge attendees on relevant and timely topics while focusing on instructor development.
  • Programs includes interactive learning styles that involve audience collaboration, provide how-to's and real world applications while engaging all learning styles.
  • Title should be descriptive so attendees know what to expect.
  • Consideration is given to the educational tracks listed above.

What's Required

  • Detailed description of your prospective educational program to be used in website marketing media and the newsletter. 
  • Program Abstract is a shortened description of your prospective educational program to be used in printed marketing material, limited to 100 words and written specifically for the attendee.
  • Short bio (max 50 words) describing your education and experience in the fire service. The submitted bio will be used for marketing and promotional materials.
  • Name, title, picture and contact information for each speaker/instructor.
  • Title of presentation.
  • Short video that can be used for marketing that explains the program, learning objectives and relevancy of instructor development.
  • Learning objectives must be listed separately.
  • Educational program time limit of 1-4 hours.
  • Take-away for attendees from presentation.
  • Description of special equipment needed for presentation.

Submit Your Presentation:

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