July 21, 2021 marks the 60th anniversary of the ISFSI. When ISFSI opened its doors in 1961, it was abundantly clear that the Society was built on a strong foundation fortified by the dedication and support of its members.

The ISFSI has excelled as an organization where current and future instructors seek to be part of a greater calling to inspire, support and elevate the fire service through education. ISFSI promotes instruction at the mastery level by providing exemplary instructional excellence, mentorship and industry certification to those who seek to expand their craft. ISFSI's history is the cornerstone of that foundation as we move forward providing strength for the future.

The ISFSI has excelled with enthusiasm and has blazed a trail of recognition for the instructor as an integral part of the fire service profession. Thank you for helping make ISFSI's 60th anniversary a year to remember.




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